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This is about oil pollution in the ocean.

The consequences are:
Lost money, lost fuel, damage to environment, and harm to animals. Plus disgusting, and sticky water… because of us.
Creeks and Rivers

Things that can pollute creeks and rivers are sewage leaks, trash, and chemicals by the pipes leaking (or whatever is carrying the trash) by the creeks and rivers. And then the creeks and the rivers lead to the ocean with all that trash in them going into the ocean resulting in spreaded pollution.

Lakes and ponds

The consequences for polluting lakes and ponds are: oxygen depleting, nutrients, and eutrophication. The nutrients come from the farms that get washed off from the rain and gets into the lakes and start polluting the water. It can also get into the filters. And if they get in the water from filtering the water, we can’t drink the water. Oxygen is also a big part with lake and pond pollution. Microorganisms that live in the water feed on biodegradable substances that come from the dead algae. Some of this stuff is harmful to us and our animals the we have and to wild animals that live the area, as the algae produces harmful toxins in the water. The bloom of algae can also block sunlight from plants under the water surface.

Drinking water

There are many ways that you can cause drinking water pollution.  One can be dumping trash in places you should not be. And pollution in the drinking water can cause diseases like the guinea worm. The guinea worm gets in the water from pollution and grows in your body then it comes out of your foot. And it is painful to pull out. Also drinking water that is not filtered causes diseases besides the guinea worm. I am sure that people do not want to be infected with some disease.

                                                           Nuclear Waste & Radiation

Oil Dumping is one of the most known causes and its bad, pretty bad, but there is worse, nuclear waste. One of the worst parts about it is that most nuclear waste pollutions are fatal, it can affect people around a lake that is polluted, and in a bad way. Lake Karachay (Карачаево) is one of the most known nuclear waste polluted lake, even if you stand near certain parts of the lake, you would die in minutes from radiation poisoning, one of the ways that we can resolve this is to replace this with something like windmills and solar panels.



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