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Week one blogging challange

7 Random facts about me 

Hint: "Me" = Caden. WARNING if you say "Me" you will be accused of plagiarism!!! (. .)  =)

#1 Pigs are my favorite animals

#2 I hate donuts/sort of

3 My favorite number is 3

#4 My favorite video game is Minecraft/almost anything

#5 I've had 4 pets all together (Technically I've had 5) a Dog Addie she is 13,                                       a fish Brass he lived 2 and 1/2 yrs he was amazing he really had an personalty no joke!, then Milly a guinea pig she was owned for 4yrs by one of my friends then my family and I got her for 4yrs, another fish and a bee which for some reason it diden't sting me when it landed on my hand but the crazy thing about that is it had a stinger... 0-0  

#6 I am in tech support. (which is a school club. In it we learn about tech.)

#7 I'm 12 (2004) turning 13 this 8-23-17


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